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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 28, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> firefighters rushed to the scene when they got word officers were shot. this is what they heard before headed into the cross four. >> we have another victim of a gunshot wound, the scene is not secure. the scene is not secure. >> this morning, those firefighters are credited for shielding bystanders from flying bullets. >> we are learning more about the past of the shooter. we have been digging into his history and obtained documents from the pentagon dilling his service in the marine corps for six years where he served as a military police officer and was in the army for three years where he flew blackhawk helicopters. he received several medals including for being a sharp shooter but was convicted of being a peeping tom and lived in berkeley where the former neighbor considering moving away after learning of his criminal past. >> i didn't know until i googled him because i heard rumors you
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should probably google this go. i did and i saw his picture and i was shocked. >> cruz police say he was picked up on friday for disorderly conduct involving alcohol. the fair said they were at the son's house about breaking into a co-workers home and they were shot. >> hundreds have sent condolences to our facebook page. you can share your thoughts, as well. >> new this morning, bart directors are meeting to vote on whether to increase rider fares and parking fees. abc7 news amy hollyfield is live at the walnut creek bart station with details. amy? >> next year it would be 5.2 percent increase on the bart fares. here is a look at what that means for a commuter, from, say, walnut creek, to san francisco.
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that trip now costs $9.70 and it goes up to $10.20 so if you take bart five day as week from walnut creek to the city, that is 130 more a year. that is not all. they are talking about charging more for parking increasing it by 50 cents every six months. bart officials have proposed the increases and they say to help pay for needed improvement to the trains in the system down the road 25 years from now and are looking way ahead and they say according to their research, riders prefer smaller, regular increases than big ones. so this plan includes fare increases through 2020. there was a public discussion on this two weeks ago, there was not a huge outcry at meeting so based on the discussion it sounds like this fare increase is likely to pass today. the parking increase, though, seems to increase more split among the directors. so stay with abc7 news today to find out how this vote plays
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out. >> 4:34. pope benedict bid farewell to the cardinal as couple of hours ago as he prepares to leave the vatican. he met with the cardinals for the last time today as head of the catholic church and said he would pray for them in the coming days and weeks. the pope will leave the palace for the last time and fly to the retreat in a little more than three hours. at 8:00 a.m. our time st. mary's cathedral in san francisco will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving in on of the pope. the resignation takes effect at 1:00 this morning our time. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the farewell to pope benedict with a special report live from vatican city at 7:45 this morning. >> pg&e is doubling investment in san francisco to address safety concerns and spending
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$1.2 billion part of the plan to prepare aging infrastructure in the city. this comes after what the head calls "rock bottom" for the utility. the national pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of home in 2010. livermore police have arrested three teens in cyber bullying case connected to a woman known as the hummer mom. the 44-year-old mother was arrested for parole violation two weeks ago days after completing a sentence for having sex with two 14-year-old boys. hero arrest for porn in her home coincided with cyber threats targeting an original teen victim. police say the three teens arrested are friends of her children and that she has not been connected to the threat. >> a 29-year-old man from walnut creek is in custody for trying to seduce underage girls for sex
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through text. the suspect is identified as hispanic male from walnut creek area and was alerted by the parents. grant was put on leave a week ago for the handling of a special education teacher who kicked a five-year-old with autism. they say the school needs new leadership and there is now a new supervisor on an interim basis. >> did you see clouds driving in? >> i did not but i was not looking. >> cloudy, still, at that hour? >> i needed the night vision goggles. mike nicco sees clearly with live doppler 7 hd? >> you have the cool of the cars, night vision, heater seats, what else? >> projector seats. >> okay. here is the bay bridge.
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i caught the lights on, on the bridge. they look beautiful. you notice we did not see much haze or fog there and we have clouds in the upper atmosphere but down low, no need to worry but for the coast are we have a few clouds, haze and visibility down to five miles at half moon bay. we will start off mainly cloudy making for a beautiful sunrise, mid-40's to near 50 degrees. by noon we are in the upper 50's at the coast low-to-mid 60's and not so breezy at the coast but you are stuck in the upper 50's for today and 4:00, you can see we will have increasing sunshine and mid-60's around the bay and near isn't inland and mild temperatures in the evening, 52 at the bay and upper 50's for the rest of us. we have rough surf tomorrow and it is our warmest day and low 60's at the beeps and throw mid-70's and sprinkles are possible in the north bay as the storm passes to the north on saturday and you can see the cooler breezes dropping the temperatures five to eight
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degrees by sunday. >> sue? >> in santa cruz mountains, north 17, right at the redwood estates we have the right lane blocked with an accident and crews are on the way to clear that out. you could find delay as you can see the yellow portion of the roadway. the golden gate bridge has road work at the northern portion of the span and northbound on 101 you will find road work, you will have four lanes for the southbound commute and we have c.h.p. blocking the lanes toward the toll plaza because of the lanes that are closed at the tolls because of maintenance if a few more minutes and just minor delays moving, now, into the san francisco area. >> next, free rides on muni and what it will take if your family to qualify. the next big social network right in your own neighbor, the new site designed to keep your family safe. but, first, the tech bytes this morning.
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>> more new products at the mobile world congress in barcelona. among them, a solar-powered smartphone, with a screen overlay that recharges the battery when it is exposed to natural or artificial light. and there was a way to turn almost any surface into a keyboard using a tablet camera. it tracks the user fingers and converts that to keyboard input. and some day you may not even need to type just wave your hand and it uses ultrasound interpreting gestures. a light delay built in, if you talk with your hands. in a conference in california, google founder says the company created google glasses because modern smartphone are emasculating without buttons
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a live look at embarcardero, the bay, and the bay bridge with the pretty lights up. we will check traffic for you and weather coming up in a couple of minutes. >> more news, a family in concord is relieved and grateful after finally speaking to the son they believe was missing in peru. yesterday, the family of garrett hand thanked the embassy in lima. officials in peru and the media, as well, for helping locate garrett and his girlfriend jamie neal. they were found safe in a remote area near ecuador. >> social networks make it easy to connect with people around the world, now it is used to fight crime among people who barely know each other like distant neighbors. silicon valley is right at the forefront of this effort. >> neighbors moved to oakland
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years ago and they never dreamed they would be considering surveillance cameras. >> we are frustrated by the reduction in the police force that has happened and that is contributing to crime. >> after one violent robbery, neighbors organized, using a new social network called "next door." you can post anything, something you lost, but neighbors say one of the best uses is crime prevention. police departments are taking note. bell moment police use it to track down and arrest a man driving around exposing himself. >> we put the alert out over "next door" and a neighbor in the neighborhood communicated that he might have the suspect vehicle and the suspect on his home security camera. >> stories like those have earned "next door" the attention of v valley investors to the tune of $40 million. >> this is a company where if my next hasn't heard of it i explain it and she gets it. >> they will use the money to
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expand. >> they were contacted by a city councilman in barcelona about whether they would be able to set something up, in europe. >> barcelona hardly matters to the two neighbors who did not know each other until they joined "next door." >> it has foster add positive sense of community in the neighborhood. i am glad it is here. >> starting tomorrow, 20,000 san francisco kids will get to ride muni for free for the next 16 months, low-and-middle income kids under 18 can register for passes. it is an experiment that comes amid cuts to school bus service. some say that money is so tight they offend feel they have to risk sneaking on muni without paying. >> it is hard to think of breaking a dollar and sometimes thinking about a short ride... >> what do you do if you don't have a spare dollar? >> walk or take the risk. >> the passes be funded by $1.6
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million in regional grant money, city officials say they hope it helps cut down on truancy and being towardy. >> state regulators are setting dates for salmon fishing season, with the fish at a record run last year more than 300,000 salmon returned to spawn and 284,000 made it to the sacramento river. the numbers, however, fall short of predictions by the scientists. >> water officials are measuring snow in the sierra today and it is bringing fears of a doubt. in january and february, we have had the driest on record since 1920. snow melt is critical to filling our reservoirs and early survey suggests we don't have enough of it. so, experts predict that the state will only be able to deliver about 40 percent of our water this year and that prediction could change, though, if we get more winter storms.
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"if." >> it started off so well and then it fell off the cliff. >> that seems to be the case we are bombarded for floor or four weeks and then a big low and we are bombarded. hopefully it will be next week tuesday and wednesday. we don't have much to have our hang our hat on i imagine the snow level will be around 58 percent. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning no need to worry about an umbrella. wanted to show you what is going on in the big picture. the storm track is to the north with high clouds this morning, and the high pressure is starting to push these further to the north so we will see an increase in sunshine as we head throughout the day. the bay bridge lights are actually twinkleing. then they stop. they do not like me. they are messing with me. there they go. they look like clouds or a river or maybe they are reflecting the
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bay waters moving. but it is cool looking. now, we. talk about our temperatures. we are anywhere from five degrees warmer in hayward to ten in oakland, eight in san francisco, and five in san jose, and look at this, 14, 16, 13, that is how much warmer we are in the north bay compared to yesterday. what are we? we are in the mid-to-upper 40's in most inland neighborhoods and 55 in antioch, and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay shore until oakland and san francisco, low 50's. if your heater did not run all night that is why. we see increasing sunshine and a surge in warmth in the afternoon hours and a few sprinkles are possible saturday night in the not bay and we will get a better chance of rain on wednesday. today, we are in the upper 60's to low 70's in the santa clara valley and santa cruz is the warmest spot at 73. headed up the peninsula, we will start in the upper 60's and doctor to 66 in san mateo and 62 in millbrae and low-to-mid 60's
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down and south san francisco, and low 70's through the north bay valley and headed to your beach you are in the mid-to-upper 50's and mid-to-upper 50's along the east bay shore and oakland is 68 and fremont is 68, the warmest weather, and 67 in san ramon and the rest of the neighbors will leave you behind, and you will be in the low 70's. here is tonight's temperatures almost as mild as this morning, 50 in richmond and san francisco, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's. we have high pressure re-establishing itself and a subject of warm air coming in which is why today is a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and we will peak the heat tomorrow. saturday we will see a cooling trend that will take hold on sunday. it will be breezy and cooler and you can see increasing clouds on monday with the coolest weather tuesday and wednesday with our best chance of measurable rain on wednesday. have a great day. sue? >> we are going to the san mateo bridge for the first live look
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and traffic is looking good as you move from the toll plaza on the flat section over the high-rise to foster city a few brake lights at the turn but light traffic conditions moving from the east bay to the peninsula. now, back to the santa cruz mountains where we have an accident, it is in the cheering phases and should be gone shortly at north 17 with no injuries involved. otherwise we have road work eastbound 580 between livermore and greenville to north flynn and westbound you can see it is slowing a little bit and that is the commute direction up and over the altamont pass. >> a new study by researchers show that the cost of emergency care varies by tens of thousands of dollars at different hospitals across the country. out pocket charges for something like a strain can cost as little at $4 or more than $24,000 depending where you go. headache treatment ranges from $15 to $17,000.
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a urinary infection could cost $50 or more than $73,000. the study calls for more transparency in emergency care charges. >> 4:50. coming up, how much money would it take for your city to change its name? a sugar daddy proposal for a wealthy peninsula town is under consideration. >> the accident am theft that turned into a huge apology from
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>> a warning now about a bizarre new scam involving dogs and san francisco international airport. airport officials say there are e-mails claiming sfo health care department is giving away yorkies and all you do is pay the cost of travel and a vaccine. the airport doesn't have such a department. they are not connected to the scam in any way. for a link to the government information on internet fraud go to and click on
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"see it on tv." >> here is a proposal getting a lot of chuck temperatures in the peninsula town of woodside because the mayor got an. >> for for -- an offer for $11.5 to change the name of the town to be sugar daddy. it is the former home of steve jobs and another billionaire is a resident and the website wants the town for put a statue of playboy founder hue -- hugh hefner. >> the water clarity in tahoe is better than a decade. scientist whose conduct the clarity test say the waters were more clear in 2012 than a year earlier and it is the second year in a row that visibility has improved. researchers use a 10" white disk
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to see how deep they can see it. the average depth in 2012 was 75 feet the best visibility since 2002. 75'! >> beautiful out there, isn't it? >> yes and this time of year it will be more beautiful if we get more snow. >> mike? >> we will look at that first by showing you what is going on at home. a live look from the east bay hills back toward san francisco, today's temperature is one to two degrees warmer than yesterday but most of us in the upper 60's to low 70's and san francisco at 66. we had a few sprinkles with the warm air rolling in to the north bay and lately, the radar is rather dry. here is a look at where other radar returns are to the north where we are seeing the strongest of the warm air, temperatures running today in the low-to-mid 70's through the central valley and 54 in tahoe and 52 in yosemite. mid-70's to near 80 in los angeles and palm springs.
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safe travels. >> we going to the east shore freeway if you go beyond golden gate to the berkeley area and emeryville, you can see the head lits are spread apart so it is not that bad of a drive. it will get busy as the commute moves on. in the santa cruz mountains we have an accident in the final stages, north 17 at redwood estates according to the sensors there is slow traffic moving toward los gatos, otherwise, road work in oakland area. we have slow traffic going through northbound 880 from 66 to fruit veil that will be picked up the next few minutes at 5:00 and marin county, road work north 101 you could find slow traffic there. kristen and eric? >> forget skinny super models bigger girls can mean bigger profits. a study from bin says women are less likely to buy products if the items are sold by models and
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celebrities because thin women make consumers feel bad about themselves. a better way to increase sales is to use a more subtle image and more relatable image. for males the secret to great ads in it could be yogurt. a thicker version of what you are used to contains extra protein to help men strengthen their muscles. it is being nicknameed grow-gurt. >> visiters to the national parks love to take souvenirs home but few do what one little girl did, named evey wrote a letter to the rangers to say she accidentally took home two sticks after a recent visit and she wanted to return them and wrote slow was a junior park ranger and knew better. the rangers were so impressed they took photos of the sticks in various places and took them to her to find out which spot she liked best.
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>> an emotional vigil to honor two fallen police officers. we will take you there live. >> new video police hope catch the man they say killed a bay area
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this thursday, 5:00, thanks for waking up early and joining us and keeping us company. >> first up, a check on the weather forecast, mike, were you saying there is rain a few days away as a possibility? >> a possibility of spring ems in the north bay on saturday but next tuesday and wednesday we will get, finally, a winter
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storm worth noting. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet as far as temperatures they are mild because of the subject of warm weather that created the sprinkles. we are 41 in santa clara and everyone else in the mid-40's to 50 in the financial district. as we head through the afternoon hours we will see an increase in sunshine with a lot of clod cover and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's around the bay, and, still, in the 50's to near 60 but not so breezy at the coast. >> if you are leaving novato, southbound, 101 you will find good traffic conditions and this is further south, lucas valley road, the marin ymca is on the right side toward the civic center with light traffic conditions and no delays. we still have an accident in lanes in the santa cruz mountains blocking the right lane, with no injuries here, tow truck is on the scene trying to get that out of there with a tow truck blocking a lane of traffic right new.


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